Institutes of 
Christian Religion

Course Description:

 Reading and analysis of the Institutes of the Christian Religion, emphasizing Calvin's method, material arrangement, and biblical theological content

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Required Reading

Institutes of Christian Religion

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Class Requirements

1)Listen to Lectures

2)Complete the Lessons for this class

3)Complete Required Reading

4)Pass Final

1) Prepare a signed reading report stating the percentage of completion of the pre-session reading.

2) Prepare an eight-ten page reflection paper on the Institutes of Christian Religion from your reading of the  the course text. It should note the most significant elements of your reading and should seek to interpret them in light of your own personal theological understanding. Two-three pages should specifically interact with the  lessons, textbooks,  stating the areas of agreement/disagreement with his position and methodology.


3) WRITING OPTIONS: a. OPTION ONE: Prepare an 8-10 page theological paper on a major topic in Institutes. Please communicate with the professor concerning the chosen topic for approval or suggestions on potential topics.

b. Option Two: Choose a Book from the book Report List and write a 10-12 Page Book Report

Book Report List

Christ's Kingship Over The Nations

Covenants And Covenanters  

Bondage of the Will

Samuel Rutherfords-Lex Rex

Ark Of The Covenant Opened

The Ark of the Testament Opened

Life Of Justification Opened

Case Of The Accomodation

Covenanters 1

Covenanters 2