An investigation of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, with reference to the biblical foundations and significant historical and contemporary developments. Trinitarian  issues will be discussed, as well as an emphasis on the Spiritís cosmic work. Additionally, this course aims to encourage a deeper understanding of the Spiritís role in our lives.



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Brief Summery

The Holy Spirit is the often-neglected third person of the Trinity, and ecclesiology is given short shrift in American Protestantism. Yet many Christians yearn to recover a true "life in the Spirit." Many also recognize that "Church" must be conceived in terms other than Christendom or a club of individual seekers; they yearn for a Spirit-led community. This course will begin with the Bibleísóespecially the New Testamentísówitness to the Spirit. It will then examine some historic and current understandings of the Holy Spirit. In so doing, we will consider both the Spiritís immanent role and relation in the Trinity and its economic role and relation to the on-going life of the Church. Initial class sessions will feature a lecture format; classes later in the semester will feature a seminar format.





I. Course Description

"Beginning with the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the course work continues with the origin and nature of the church as the body of Christ and with the local church in its organization, Sacraments and ministry. An overview of the principles of Christian life and church organization is included."

II. Course Method

book analysis and review,

objectives and maximize your understanding of the subject matter as well as gain practical application of these doctrines that will enhance your effectiveness in ministry.

III. Course Objectives

A. Cognitive Objectives (what you should know)

At the end of this course the student should be able to:

1. Understand and articulate the biblical evidence for the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit.

2. Understand and articulate the general ministries of the Holy Spirit, distinguishing between

His special ministries to Old Testament believers, to Christ, to the church and its individual members, and to non-believers.

3. Understand and articulate the origin, nature, purpose, and duration of spiritual gifts.

4. Identify, list, define and explain the theological and practical significance of the key biblical terms used to describe the church.

5. Analyze and defend the dispensational distinctions between Israel and the church, including its beginning and its relation to future events.

6. Identify the nature, significance, and purpose of the universal church and its local expression.

7. Recognize and evaluate the church's purpose and mission and develop a biblical view of local church ministry, including a personal position on issues such as membership, ordinances, organization, church government, and discipline and restoration.

B. Affective Objectives (what you should feel or do)

At the end of this course the student should:

1. Grow in appreciation and reverence for and dependence upon God the Holy Spirit through study and interaction with His Word.

2. Be better able to determine which ministry God the Holy Spirit has uniquely designed (created and shaped) him or her for by completing

3. Be equipped to accurately recognize God the Holy Spirit's gifting and shaping of individual believers for ministry.

4. Commit to developing and demonstrating one's spiritual gift(s) for its God ordained purpose(s).

5. Appreciate the special relationship between the church and Christ as seen through the biblical terms used to describe the church.

6. Increase in personal devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His Body, the Church.

7. Determine if the focus and purpose of his or her personal and local church ministries are in line

with the focus and purposes of the church.

IV. Course Objectives

A. Reading Requirements




Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:

    1.         The Person of the Holy Spirit


             The Holy Spirit and the Trinity

            The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

            The Spirit's Relation to Christ

             The Nature of God as Spirit

             The Third Person of the Trinity

The Relationship Between the Father, Son and Spirit


                                Assignment: :


Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:


        The Work of the Holy Spirit      

The Spirit and the Mission of the Church The Spirit's Action in the Mission of the Church

        The Spirit and the Church

    The Relationship of Church, Spirit, and the Individual The Spirit's Work in the Church (The Role of the

Spirit in Worship, Evangelism, & Discipleship)



Assignment:  Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:

    3.         The Holy Spirit and Salvation

               The Spirit and the Individual

       The Work of the Spirit in Regeneration

            The Role of the Spirit in Justification

              The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 




Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:

4.    The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life        


Sanctification (Holiness, Christlikeness, the Spiritual Disciplines)The Spirit and Power (for Victory over Sin, Prayer,

        Evangelism, & Spiritual Growth)

           The Spirit and the Resurrected Life

                   The Filling of the Spirit




Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:


       5.         The Holy Spirit and Scripture


  The Spirit and the Inspiration of the Scriptures  

 The Spirit and His Role on the Biblical Writers




Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:


   6.         The Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

     The Nature and Number of Spiritual Gifts

           Discerning One's Spiritual Gifts

                   Use of Spiritual Gifts

 Administering "Problematic" Spiritual Gifts




Using the Vines Expository Look up and Document in your own words these topics:


8.The Holy Spirit in Creation and Preservation

 The Spirit, the World, and Eschatology

    Divine Spirit and Human Spirit

             The Spirit and the Last Things

        The Spirit and the Environment

      The Spirit and Futuristic "Prophecies"



   Written Assignments

1 Students will write a major paper on a subject approved by the professor.  It will be 10-12 pages typed

   Papers that are late will be reduced in grade.  

 3.         Students will choose one of the topics listed in Part V-C for their research papers.


        B.        Reading Assignments

  Reading assignments will be given that will correlate to the nature of the course








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Required Reading click on link to download



The Book of Saint Basil on the Spirit-De Spiritu Sancto


Augustine of Hippo-On the Trinity


St Ambrose-On the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit in the Church





Biblical Art for the Holy Spirit

      Portraits of Holy Spirit (The)

Portraits of the Trinity

The Trinity at Christ's Baptism

The Trinity with the Crucified Christ

  The Trinity with Christ's Body Held by the Father

The Trinity at the Coronation of the Virgin

 The Trinity in Various Compositions

  Other Depictions of the Trinity
The Holy Spirit in Annunciation Compositions  The Holy Spirit in Various Compositions

Other Portraits of the Holy Spirit

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