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Trinity College of Biblical Studies-Undergraduate Studies

Courses in Biblical and Theological Studies

BITH 102Old Testament Survey An overview of the Old Testament, tracing its teaching with respect to historical background and literary character.4 Units

BITH 103New Testament Survey An overview of the New Testament, tracing its teaching with respect to historical background and literary character. 4 Units

BITH 104Basic Christian Faith
An investigation into the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. 3 Units

BITH 105Studies in Biblical Lands  An investigation into the biblical theology and 
Archaeology in their historical, cultural, and geographical setting with major emphasis in Israel.3 Units  Pilgrimage to the Holy Land for further studies 3 Units

BITH 106Studies in Paul's Book to the Romans A chapter-by-chapter analysis of Paulís argument in the book of Romans with special emphasis on Paulís view of humanity, salvation, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.3 Units

BITH 107. The Synoptic Gospels- A comparative study of the Synoptic Gospels and the fourth Gospel. Also compare the Gospel according to Thomas  3 Units

BITH 108Studies in the Gospel of St. John. A comprehensive study of Johnís gospel. Its insights into personal spirituality, will be emphasized in the context of  critical Johannine scholarship.3 Units

BITH109Introduction to Hebrew. Introduction of the  Hebrew Language, also  using tools to search and understand the language 3 Units

BITH 110. The Psalms: Songs of Israel and the Church. A study of the spiritual and literary legacy of the book of Psalms. The collection will be analyzed according to literary types, and the individual psalms studied according to their type and content. The use of Psalms in the history of the Church as a vehicle of worship will be a daily devotional focus to begin each class 3 Units

BITH 111. Old Testament Apocalyptic Literature. A survey of the development of apocalyptic literature in the OT (Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah) and the intertestamental period (2 Esdras and Enoch). This survey includes an introduction to the character of apocalyptic, foundational principles for the interpretation of apocalyptic, and an evaluation of apocalyptic as a communicative and revelatory
vehicle. 3 Units

BITH 112. Intertestamental Literature. A survey of intertestamental history from 300 to 5 B.C. with special attention given to the literature of the period as a theological bridge between the Old and New Covenants. Areas of study include OT Apocrypha and selections from the OT Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the development of apocalyptic literature and rabbinic Judaism. 3 Units

BITH111Life of Christ A thorough study of Jesusí life and teaching. Primary attention will be given to reconstructing the Archeological first-century with historical, and cultural setting of Judaism that shaped Jesusí message.
3 Units

BITH 112Paul of Tarsus A study of the life and thought of Paul as found in the book of Acts and in Paulís New Testament letters. The course will synthesize the major categories of Pauline thought and emphasize their value for faith today. 3 Units The footsteps of Paul Tour is available 3 Units

BITH 115. Jerusalem, the Holy City.3 Units A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem is available. 3 Units

BITH 116. 1 Corinthians. A section-by-section survey of 1 Corinthians dealing with the issues of the nature of the Church, Christian behavior and social responsibility, sexuality, marriage and divorce, Christian worship, the spiritual gifts, and the resurrection. 3 Units

BITH 116Acts of the Apostles
A study of the Book of Acts focused on the birth and development of the apostolic church, its dissociation from Judaism, and the progress of the missionary enterprise. 3 Units Footsteps of Paul Tour 3 Units

BITH 117 Women of the Bible Women in the Bible  An overview of the Bible  passages that deal with womenís role in the family and in church, and an understanding of the situation of Christian women 3 Units

BITH 118. Prison Epistles. Analysis of Colossians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Philemon, all written while the author was in chains. Attention will focus on the light these letters throw on Paulís life and thought, as well as on the abiding challenge of their message. 3 Units Footsteps of Paul Tour 3 Units

BITH 119-Egypt and the Bible. This course will introduce the student to the history and culture of ancient Egypt, and relate these to important biblical events, including the life of Joseph and the Exodus. By the use of primary sources in literature and art, such themes as religion, cosmology, and kingship will be studied in their historical and cultural contexts3 Units.  Pilgrimage to Egypt is available 3 Units

BITH 220History of Theological Christian Thought. Historical survey of people and movements which have shaped the faith of the Christian church from post-biblical times to today's modern thought 3 Units

BITH 221- . David and Kingship. A study of the origin, development, organizational structures, and function of the Israelite united monarchy in light of current sociopolitical models 3 Units

BITH 222Biblical Interpretation and Hermeneutics. A survey of hermeneutical theory discussing  how author, text, and reader work together as meaning emerges from a text. These insights will then be applied to the Bible, giving the student an interpretive strategy for exegete biblical texts and bringing their meaning into the modern world. 3 Units

BITH 223.-

BITH 224. Systematic Theology 1. A critical investigation into the content and contemporary significance of the Christian faith, emphasizing biblical foundations, philosophic presuppositions and comprehensiveness. 3 Units

BITH 225. Spiritual Classics. A small group study which explores the concept of Christian ďspiritualityĒ from the classics of the Christian tradition including Augustine, Benedict, Bernard of Clairvaux, Juliana, Teresa of Avila, Luther, Calvin, Catherine of Genoa, Pascal, Wesley, Bunyan, Bonhoeffer, Merton, Nouwen, Sundar Singh, and others. 3 Units

BITH 226The Exodus. The exodus event is as central to OT theology as the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to NT theology. The historical and theological implications of this book will be examined, with special emphasis given to the covenant between God and Israel.3 Units Holy Land  Pilgrimages 3 Units

BITH 227-Ruth and Esther. A detailed study of the books of Ruth and Esther, giving special attention to historical background, literary analysis, theological emphases, traditional interpretations along with recent ideological interpretations, and contemporary application 3 Units

BITH 228. Wisdom Literature. A selection from the Old Testament wisdom books, Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. The apocryphal books of Jesus ben Sirach and the Wisdom of Solomon may also be read and studied in relation to canonical wisdom.
3 Units

BITH 229Feminist Theology This course offers a theological examination of the representation of women and gender in Christianity. Attention is given to the historical and cultural contexts of the first century and contemporary period. Theological, historical, literary, exegetical, and feminist methods are variously employed

BITH 230-Historical Geography A study of selected biblical episodes which are enriched when understood in the context of Near, and Far  Eastern history along with Palestinian geography.3 Units. Archaeological field trips are available

BITH 231. Jeremiah. Jeremiahís time was one of crisis and change for Israel. Therefore, his book has much to offer to the church and the Christian today. Historical, literary, and theological approaches will be used in the study of Jeremiah 3Units

BITH 232 Studies in the Book of Job-Considered  the oldest book of the Bible Job is a rich cultural book. A biblical and theological study into this Ancient book.3 Units

BITH 233-Introduction to Greek Introduction Course  of the Beginners Greek Language.  3 Units

BITH 234. Systematic Theology 2 A continuation of a critical investigation into the content and contemporary significance of the Christian faith, emphasizing biblical foundations, philosophic presuppositions and comprehensiveness. 3 Units

BITH 235-  Genesis 1-11. A study of the foundational chapters for the Old and New Testaments. The central themes of creation, God, humanity, the fall, redemption, judgment, and covenant will be investigated in detail 3 Units 

BITH 236.Theology of Culture. An exploration into the nature of Christianity, as biblically grounded and historically developed, and its setting in and mission to the world 3 Units

BITH 237-Parables of Jesus An examination of the parabolic teaching of Jesus then (in its first century Palestinian cultural setting) and now (its message to twenty-first-century Christians and society). Emphasis on the history of interpretation, especially contemporary literary-aesthetic approaches. 3 Units

BITH 238-Old Testament Exegesis  A practical study of the procedures for doing sound exegesis in the various portions of the Old Testament.  The method will include the study of words, poetics, textual criticism, syntax, biblical theology, and practical exegetical exposition in the different genres of the Hebrew Bible.  

BITH 239-Religions of Israel and the Ancient Near East
..3 Units  Holy Land Pilgrimages
 3 Units

BITH 240. Pastoral Epistles. Careful investigation of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. Detailed textual analysis will lead to better understanding of the joys and struggles of Christian leadership under Paulís direction. Social roles and cultural issues affecting the Church will receive special attention. 3 Units Footsteps of Paul Tour 3 Units.

BITH 239The Greek Text of Romans: Text Critical Study . Using the textbook and the textual notes in the lectures, construct an exegesis (of 10 pages) on a segment of Romans of your choosing. 3 Units

BITH 240Christology Study of the person and work of Christ.
.3 Units

BITH 243Christian Ethics An examination of the history, methodology, and content of Christian ethics with application to specific contemporary issues.. 3 Units







Oval: BITH 345. Senior Seminar 3 Units

BITH 346. Directed Study 3 Units

BITH 347. Internship. Graded pass/fail.3 Units
Text Box: Trinity College of Biblical Studies-Undergraduate Studies courses are taken completely online, Pilgrimages and Archaeological field trips are available. Students upon completion of the undergraduate studies will graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and receive Ordination.







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